Yung Miami Reveals Her Mother Was Recently Released From Prison

The City Girls have seen their share of tribulations in their career, as the duo’s rise was overshadowed by the incarceration of member JT. Yung Miami noted she would hold down her friend while she was in prison, and also revealed that the situation wasn’t new to her, as her mother was taken as a result of the criminal justice system. However, JT has been out of prison for some time, and the duo’s rise continues on. Now, Yung Miami has revealed some news about her mother, noting her mom’s release has taken place.

Via Twitter, Yung Miami reveal her moms was set to be released from prison on March 27. The rapper’s mother was charged for a hit-and-run incident that went down in 2009, and convicted in 2017. The rapper’s mother was charged with first-degree murder while trying to flee the scene after an armed robbery. As a result, she was given fiver years in prison plus 10 years of probation.

Yung Miami gave more insight on the situation in another tweet, saying “My Mom left me with 2 kids plus Jai I was 22 going on 23 I didn’t know what to do I had to figure it out. Look at me now God is so good.” Take a look above.

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