Young Dolph’s Partner Mia Jaye Gives First Interview Since His Murder

Young Dolph’s life partner and mother of his children Mia Jaye gave her first public interview since his tragic murder back in November.

While speaking with ABC News Live, Mia opened up about the difficulty of navigating things without Dolph and the toll his loss has taken on the family. “It’s been extremely difficult, just having to pick up the pieces and to find the strength for my children,” she said. “That is the one thing that Adolph and myself, we just felt we had a duty to them… To protect them, to raise them, to just do so much for them, and together. Now that he’s no longer here, it’s just very tough for me to be strong for them and also be strong for myself because Adolph was my soulmate when I say they stole my future, it has taken a long time to iron out the kinks.”

Mia also picked up on the role of mental health in this entire ordeal on a personal level and how it fits within a larger context of trauma and violence in black communities.

Per ABC News:

“Mental health in the Black community is something that we must address,” she said about the cycle of violence within the Hip Hop community. “So many people are walking around traumatized, they have bottled up anger, they have bottled up emotion … they make rash decisions. So finding ways to really, really heal people mentally, I think that’s a start.”


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