Young Dolph Reportedly Owned Over 100 Properties in Memphis


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A post shared by Tim Jackson (@timjacksonnow)

Fans and peers have offered their personal experiences with Young Dolph following the Memphis rapper’s death on Wednesday. While many have commented on the late rapper’s personality and music, another has revealed Dolph’s investments.

Filmmaker and podcaster Tim Jackson dedicated an Instagram post to Dolph and claimed the rapper owned a large amount of real estate in Memphis. According to Jackson, Dolph personally told him that he owned over 100 properties and bought a foreclosure every year for his children’s birthdays.

“Damn! @youngdolph rarely rapped about his real estate portfolio but he owned over 100 properties in Memphis and he also purchased a foreclosure for his children every year for their birthdays,” Jackson wrote. “He told me this himself when we met.”

Jackson added that he challenged the rapper to rap more about his investments before encouraging his followers to offer alternatives to street life.

“I admired this about him and even challenged him to rap more about this side of his hustle,” Jackson continued. “The streets don’t love NOBODY! That’s why it’s important to provide alternatives to the streets every chance we get. Always remember that. Rest Easy.”

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