XXXTentacion’s Brother Suing Rapper’s Mother for Allegedly Hiding Money

According to reports, the half-brother of XXXTentacion—Corey Pack, filed a lawsuit against Cleopatra Bernard, the mother of the late rapper. Pack’s suit alleges that Bernard was hiding money by creating multiple shell companies.

Pack’s attorney—Robert Stok, claims the “fraudulent transfer complaint seeks to recover assets being transferred from the probate estate by XXX’s mother, Cleo Bernard, in order to deprive our client Corey Pack, of a recovery, if he’s successful in his efforts to secure his inheritance rights either under his late brother’s trust or will.” The complaint from Pack was filed last week and alleged Bernard was transferring money from the late rapper’s estate to various holding companies.

The complaint revealed that Pack and one of XXXTentacion’s brothers have 25 percent interest in the estate, while Cleopatra Bernard has 50 percent interest. The news arrives a year later after Pack’s mother—Jodi Kavney, sued Bernard for $11 million, claiming she tried to push Kavney out of the estate.

source: NBC

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