Wounded Trespasser Heard Screaming in 911 Call After DaBaby Shooting

Audio of the 911 call following a shooting at DaBaby’s North Carolina estate has been released, and the wounded trespasser can be heard screaming out in pain after being shot in the leg.

The audio, which appears to have altered audio to disguise DaBaby’s voice, features the “Suge” rapper telling the dispatcher that he shot a trespasser that made his way onto his compound, which is surrounded by stone walls. DaBaby then reveals that he shot the trespasser in the leg, and after the dispatcher repeatedly asked about the trespasser’s condition, he responded, “Do you not hear this man, bro?” DaBaby was referring to the man screaming loudly in the background of the phone call.

There have been no arrests made following the incident, but it has been reported that the trespasser was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

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