Woman Suffers Sexually Transmitted Allergic Reaction to Peanuts

An Australian model known amongst OnlyFans users as Lucy Banks recently revealed that she had to receive medical treatment due to an allergic reaction to her partner’s ejaculation. When the influencer recounted the horrific tale, she explained that she had to drag herself to a local pharmacy shortly after having sexual relations with her partner because she was completely unaware of why her body was reacting in such an odd way after casual sex. What she found out next was rather shocking.

Upon learning about Banks’ unique situation, the pharmacy staff huddled up and tried to figure out a solution in order to relieve her of the anguish that she was feeling. What they determined was that she was suffering from an improbable diagnosis of phallic-caused anaphylaxis, meaning that her partner ate something that she was allergic to moments before penetrating her. When they figured out what he consumed they were able to make the determination that the pain was caused by an allergic reaction to peanuts.

“He had eaten peanuts earlier that day, and it transferred to me,” Banks said. “I didn’t realize at the time that this was possible…I had never heard of food allergens transmitting and negatively affecting partners through ejaculation before.”

According to studies, what Banks suffered was very rare. But nevertheless, she has made it her purpose to teach others about the dangers of allergic reactions to bodily fluids in a series of PSA’s on TikTok.

“If you have severe anaphylactic reactions to certain foods, then I would take special precautions with your partner to make sure they haven’t eaten anything that could trigger a negative, and possibly serious, response,” the digital creator said. “Those with minor or moderate allergies most likely won’t notice anything.”

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Source: NY Post

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