Woman Shot at Nearly 50 Times, Killed as She Pulled into Her Garage

According to reports, a Texas woman was gunned down as she pulled into her garage after getting off work at a gentlemen’s club.

Police say the 31-year-old mother was shot around 5:30 AM Tuesday and died at the scene. “The only information we have is a dark color vehicle pulled up, [someone] got out and shot approximately 50 rounds at her,” said Major Susan Cotter with HCSO. “She pulled into the garage, she was able to exit the vehicle, and she was found deceased in the garage.”

A man named Timothy identified the victim as Valeesha Duncan who he described as his best friend.
“We have a child together, and I’m the ex, so that goes to show you if I can say these positive things and for us to still be friends, that shows you a lot about her character,” Timothy said.

Investigators are still attempting to determine whether Duncan was targeted or whether it was a random act of violence.

Source: youtube.com

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