Woman Sets Sleeping Husband on Fire, Thought he Poisoned her Chicken Wings

A Milwaukee woman is facing multiple charges after police claim she admitted to setting her sleeping husband on fire because she thought he poisoned her chicken wings.

On June 2, Tuhonsty Marie Smith suspected her husband, Henry Williams, of poisoning her wings and waited until 4 a.m. the next day to fill a cup with lighter fluid, pour it on his head, and ignite it. As a result of the 29-year-old’s attack, Williams suffered severe burns to his chest, head, ears, hands, neck, and face.

Williams told authorities his wife had been acting strangely for the past three or four months and noticed she was taking more of her medication than was prescribed. On the night of the incident, he claimed Smith was pacing around the house without speaking to him. After the couple got into an argument, he told her he planned on moving out and ending their eight-year relationship.

Smith reportedly admitted to setting her husband on fire but said she wasn’t trying to kill him. She also claimed to have mental health issues and took prescription medications around 2 a.m. the night of the incident.

She has been arrested and charged with arson of a building, first-degree recklessly endangering safety and mayhem, domestic abuse assessments, and was ordered to undergo a competency evaluation. Smith is due back in court later this month.

Source: ABC 7

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