Woman Left With Deformed Hand Following a Visit to the Emergency Room

A 34-year-old woman from England has become an internet sensation on TikTok in wake of a kidney stone infection that resulted in the loss of the fingers on her left hand. On Christmas Day, Sadie Kemp went to a local hospital after experiencing extreme pain in her kidney area. Shortly thereafter, she was diagnosed with a kidney stone and transferred to the emergency room for surgery, where her horrifying predicament began.

During Kemp’s surgical procedure, her limbs contracted a life-threatening condition called sepsis — an infection that is the leading cause of death in hospitals, while patients are under the knife. In a desperate attempt to salvage Kemp’s life, her surgical doctors placed her into a medically-induced coma, amputated all of the fingers from her left hand, and sewed it into the abdomen in order to uphold her blood circulation. When the procedure was all said and done, Kemp’s left hand emerged looking like the head of a shark.

Having nearly lost her life, the mother of two didn’t fret the loss of her fingers once she awoke from surgery. Instead, she made light of the situation by taking to TikTok and posting video clips of her hand near a tub of water while humming the iconic theme music from the 1975 thriller Jaws.

“I wasn’t aware my hand was going to look like a shark’s head ’til it had actually been released from my abdomen,” Kemp said.

The TikTok video clip has since gone viral, making Kemp a pillar for optimism in the face of grave danger.  Scroll up to watch a clip of Sadie Kemp showing off her new hand immediately following the surgical procedure.

Source: NY Post

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