Woman branded as a ‘demon’ after getting her eyeballs tattooed

A woman who has spent thousands on extreme body modifications has revealed that people call her a “demon” and strangers come up to her in the street to say they “hate her tattoos” – but she wants even more.

Earlier this year, Kierstyn Milligan, 22, from Houston, Texas, decided to add to her collection of body art by having her eyeballs tattooed.

The dancer, who earns a fortune on OnlyFans thanks to her unique look, first became interested in body modifications aged 14 and eventually got inked a year later in 2014.

In addition to tattoos, she has also spent around $15,000 on fang and breast implants, as well as piercings in her nipple, tongue, both nostrils and bridge of her nose.

Source: NYPost

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