Woman Arrested After Throwing Boyfriend’s Mother’s Ashes Into Lake

Reports surfaced noting that a 40-year-old woman named Augustine Gladney was arrested after allegedly throwing her boyfriend’s mother’s ashes into Lake Worth in Texas.

The Fort Worth Police Department said 38-year-old Ernest Smith spoke to the cops and told them upon coming home in the evening, the man discovered his mother’s urn was missing. Smith said he overheard a conversation between Gladney and her daughter, who was at their home at the time.

Gladney reportedly told her daughter she tossed the urn in Lake Worth. Smith also told the cops he couldn’t make contact with Gladney until late Monday night, May 2. Smith says Gladney texted him upon making contact, admitting she threw his mother’s ashes into the lake.

As a result of her actions, Gladney was arrested and charged with the abuse of a corpse.

source: NBC DFW

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