Woman accidentally livestreams sex with husband and dad tunes in

@rroberson16I thought my life was over. My husband still thinks it’s hilarious. #embarrisingmoment #DoTheJuJu #fyp #foryoupage

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A Mississippi woman says she “cried for a week” after she accidentally livestreamed herself having sex with her husband on Facebook.

The woman, known on TikTok as@rroberson16, made the candid confession in a video posted on Saturday, revealing that dozens of her Facebook friends tuned in to view the X-rated romp — including her own dad.

“I just set my phone down without locking it and managed to somehow click the button to go live,” she recalled. “My best friend kept calling me so it would say ‘Broadcast interrupted.’”

However, the frisky Facebook user became so caught up in the moment that she ignored the calls and continued having sex.

Shockingly, her father clicked on the live feed, before exiting when he realized what was taking place.

Source: NYPost

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