Wild video reportedly shows drunken flier shove girlfriend, slug airport worker

Wild video shows a drunken British vacationer shoving his girlfriend to the floor and slugging a security worker at an airport in England after he was banned from a flight, according to reports.

The viral, 19-second clip captures the moment the would-be EasyJet passenger violently pushed his gal pal down and punched an airline employee after the flier wasn’t allowed on a flight from Bristol Airport to Alicante, Spain, because he was intoxicated, reports said.

The girlfriend is first seen lifting her arms while screaming at an airport employee.

Her unidentified boyfriend then runs at the worker, knocking him to the ground, as onlookers gasped.

Police told BristolLive that the 39-year-old man and 37-year-old woman were arrested for assault.

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