White Texas Cop Under Investigation For Pinning Down Black Teen For Minutes

A White Kaufman, Texas sheriff’s deputy is under investigation after video footage captured him lying on a Black teen during an arrest.

The sheriff, identified only as Deputy Marlin, responded to 911 calls about the teen girl. According to the calls, the girl was walking in the middle of the road and looked like she was trying to commit suicide.

Deputy Marlin approached 18-year-old Nekia Trigg as she was walking down the street. He asked why she was crying and where she lived. Bodycam footage captured Trigg repeatedly telling Marlin she wanted to go home and didn’t want him to hurt her. However, the deputy held her by her arm and prevented her from walking away.

During the exchange, Trigg contacted her family and told Deputy Marlin he was hurting her before she was taken down. Video footage captured Deputy Marlin lying down on Trigg while restraining her. The sheriff’s office claimed Marlin was using a technique to restrain suspects without preventing their breathing. However, Trigg’s family — who arrived on the scene — claims she was struggling to breathe during the incident.

“This officer, who repeatedly stated that she was at harm, that she was trying to harm herself, and if this was in fact the case, and it wasn’t – let me make that clear – it wasn’t, but if it was, imagine as a parent your child calls you and says, ‘Mom I’m in danger from an officer,'” the family’s attorney said in a statement. “Officers are here to serve and protect, and if he was doing his duty, if he thought that Nekia was trying to harm herself, throwing her to the ground and sitting on her chest was not the way to fix that.”

During the incident, Trigg’s mother Antanique Ray was arrested and charged with assault of a public servant and interference with public duties. She has been released on bond, while Trigg was hospitalized for a mental health evaluation.

Deputy Marlin has been placed on administrative leave while the department conducts its investigation.

Source: CBS 11

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