White Cop Grabs and Tases Black Driver, Who Asked to Speak with His Supervisor

Video of a traffic stop resulting in an unarmed Black man getting tased by a White cop as the driver’s lawyer hopes the clip will bring more awareness to the incident, which occurred on March 10. Delane Gordon was pulled over during a routine traffic stop by a White police officer in the city of Collegedale, Tennessee when the unidentified officer tased Gordon after he calmly requested to speak to the cop’s supervisor.

Although the events leading up to the traffic stop were not published, the incident that followed was captured from a camera inside of Gordon’s vehicle. When the clip begins, the police officer already has his weapon in hand and it is pointed right at Gordon, who maintains a calm and respectful demeanor as he looks into the camera lens and says, “[The officer] said he pulled me over for a traffic stop and he’s going to tase me.”

Throughout the incident, Gordon has his identification in his hand and tells the officer he’s uncomfortable with the interaction. However, the cop accuses Gordon of refusing to provide his identification, resisting his commands, and says, “I don’t give a s*** what you feel like, I said get out!”

As the situation escalated, the officer repeatedly yelled, “Get out!” To that, Gordon asked for the name of the officer’s supervisor. This resulted in the officer’s attempt to physically remove Gordon from his vehicle by force. When that did not work, the officer discharged his taser, hitting Gordon from point-blank range. In the video, the officer justifies his actions towards Gordon by saying that he was “resisting.” The unarmed Gordon was later charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice.

The video footage was released a few days ago by Delane Gordon’s attorney, Ryan Wheeler, in order to bring more awareness to the entire situation, stating that questioning an officer “shouldn’t be met with an immediate escalation, shouldn’t be met with an officer interpreting that exchange as a challenge to his authority.”

As of now, an investigation into the incident is ongoing. Scroll up to watch the footage of the Collegedale police offer interacting with Delane Gordon before tasing him during a traffic stop.


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