Wendy’s Fires Manager Caught on Camera Calling Woman a “B***h”

A video that recently went viral showed an assistant manager at a Wendy’s calling a woman who worked at the fast-food restaurant a “b***h” and “f**king lazy.” Now, news surfaced noting the assistant manager has now been fired.

A general manager in training named Sophia Cargill recorded the entire situation that went down at a Kalamazoo, Michigan Wendy’s once the store closed down for the day. The rant from the assistant manager—Michael, found him cursing at the woman and eventually calling the woman out of her name, which was met with many “oohs” from other staff members.

Once Michael called the woman out of her name, she went to say that would be the end of the road for him. Michael shot back by saying, “No, it’s not.”

However, Wendy’s was not her for the entire ordeal and ended up firing Michael. The incident went down almost two weeks ago, and Sophia noted she was suspended without pay while Michael wasn’t suspended. Wendy’s went on to clarify that Sophia was reinstated with back pay while Michael was fired. The woman has since then launched a GoFundMe to support her living while she finds another place to work.

source: TMZ

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