Walmart Under Fire For Sending Email Blast With N-Word in Greeting


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In 2017, Walmart faced backlash after the n-word was used to describe a hair product on their website. Now, the company has gone viral again, this time for an alleged email blast that was sent out to customers featuring the n-word in the email’s greeting.

In screenshots captured by many customers who received the email, the greeting simply said, “Welcome to Walmart, N****r!” According to Baller Alert, the email was not sent to their general email, it was sent to a private email address that doesn’t receive any spam.

While many thought maybe the email was a hoax and someone photoshopped the initial email, many users took to Twitter to describe the email they received, directly calling out Walmart in the process. As of now, Walmart has not responded to the disturbing claims by customers. Stay tuned for more updates.

source: Baller Alert

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