Waffle House Cook Seen Beating Up Patron Following Argument in Viral Video

In the past few years, Waffle House has gone viral many times for the massive brawls that take place in the restaurants while people are trying to get their late-night eat on. Most times, patrons can be seen getting into arguments or fights, but this time around, a fight between a group of patrons and one man escalated into a cook for the restaurant jumping in and delivering a beat down.

The argument between a group of women and one man in an orange shirt could be seen turning into a shouting match, and eventually, a Waffle House cook stepped in to get the man out of the building. However, the man in orange threw a punch, which led to the cook unleashing a barrage of connecting punches.

From there, the man in orange was thrown down to the ground before being handled more punches. Take a look above.

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