VisuWell CEO Fired After Video Shows Him Harassing Teen Boy in Prom Dress

A Tennesse executive was fired from his role as a telehealth company’s CEO after he was captured on video allegedly harassing a teen boy in a prom dress.

Sam Johnson reportedly approached 18-year-old Dalton Stevens and asked him why he was wearing a red gown as Stevens and others were taking prom photos. Stevens’ boyfriend, 19-year-old Jacob Geittmann, filmed the exchange as it became heated. At one point, Johnson said Stevens looked like an “idiot” before trying to knock Geittmann’s phone out of his hand.

According to reports, Johnson had been at the bar and appeared to be drunk. Stevens claimed Johnson had acted homophobic towards him and his friends before the Geittman started filming. The confrontation was posted on TikTok with an explanation as to what happened.

“I think I look good in it and that I really like the dress, and I want to show that clothing is genderless,” Stevens said he told Johnson. “And I explained that to him, and he continued to just call me names and just follow me.”

Johnson denied the couple’s claims and said the video was edited. According to Johnson, he initially approached the group of teens because they were being loud and vulgar.

“We had just sat down for dinner at this restaurant that we frequent, and I was returning from the restroom when I was presented with their loud cursing,” Johnson said. “Making it about the dress was their idea, and they edited out most of the exchange.”

After the video went viral, Johnson was dismissed from his CEO role at VisuWell. The company issued a statement after Johnson’s firing and addressed the encounter.

“After investigating the matter and speaking to individuals involved, the VisuWell BOD has chosen to terminate Mr. Johnson from his position as CEO, effective immediately,” the release read. “VisuWell’s culture emphasizes respect, kindness, and compassion, especially for those from traditionally marginalized communities, and we maintain a zero-tolerance policy for intolerance of any kind.”

Source: NBC News

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