Video: Woman Climbs into McDonald’s Drive-Thru Window & Tries to Cook Her Own Food

An unidentifed young woman wearing a pink dress has completely taken over the internet, in the past 24 hours, with a video of her climbing through a drive-thru window at McDonald’s, dusting herself off and casually asking for the manager on duty so that she could fix herself a plate of food. The occurence was so shocking to the McDonald’s employees on hand that none them tried to stop her, initially, as she made her way through their window on to the kitchen floor. Instead, many of them were overcome with laughter that they could barley contain and as the unidentifeid woman nonchalantly walked around their cooking area. Apparently the incident stems from a shortage of protective gloves, which prevented the staffers from being able to prepare/serve food to McDonald’s customers.

Although the audacious remains unidentified, the internet has decided to name the her “McDonald’s Miranda.”

Scroll up to watch her viral clip.

Source: MSN

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