Video Shows Woman’s Attempt to Fight Off Vicious Pit Bull Attack

Surveillance footage captured a 25-year-old Colombian woman trying to fight off a crazed pit bull inside of the elevator of her apartment building.

The woman was reportedly tying her shoes in her bedroom when another resident’s pit bull attacked her. The video shows the woman in the clutches of the four-year-old dog as she drags herself into an elevator. Despite the bloody attack, she was able to survive the mauling by crawling out onto the lobby of her residential building where her neighbors rushed to her aid as soon as they saw her emerge from the elevator.

The local authorities arrived on the scene moments later and seized the dog for behavioral analysis. They will now have 10 days to determine the fate of the pit bull, which includes the possibility of euthanizing it.

In the aftermath of the brutal mauling, it is being reported 25-year-old suffered multiple fractures on the fingers of her right hand. She also suffered numerous fractures on her right hand as well as deep lacerations to her upper extremities.

Source: NY Post

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