A disheartening video recently surfaced of a toddler in undergarments cursing out and hitting a few police officers on camera while onlookers hurled slurs at them. The incident occurred in St. Paul, which is about 17 miles away from where George Floyd was killed when law enforcement arrived at someone’s place of residence to arrest a murder suspect. What the police officers encountered next certainly wasn’t what they could have aniticapted.

“Fuck off, b****!” Said one of the toddlers. “Shut the f–k up!”

He then swung his fists at the officer’s thighs as the verbal onslaught continued. Thankfully, the children were not harmed during the visit. But the footage is so alarming that it may prompt child services to look into their living situation. The video clip has since gone viral, and it has garnered responses from prominent politicians and members of the media.

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Source: NY Post