Video Shows Smoke Shop Guard Take on 4 Armed Robbers in Fatal Shootout

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau released surveillance footage Wednesday of a botched robbery that resulted in a shootout between a smoke shop’s security guard and four armed robbers.

The incident occurred on April 3rd, in Compton, shortly before 7 P.M. Video shows four men walk into the store while the security is by himself behind the counter. After a few seconds, one of the men pulls out a gun and points it at the guard before firing as the guard draws his weapon.

As the gunfight breaks out, another robber shoots at the guard as the group of four tries rushing out of the store. As the men attempted to flee the scene, more shots are fired between the security guard and robbers. One of the men manages to exit the shop as the remaining three exchange fire with the outnumbered guard.

All four robbers were able to make it out of the store, but one of the men was discovered half an hour after deputies were notified of a gunshot victim. The suspect eventually died from his wounds at the hospital.

A second suspect was arrested the following, but two remaining suspects — 21-year-old Keith Terrion Rachel and 23-year-old Kahlel Malik Lundy —  remain at large and are wanted for murder.

The security guard suffered gunshot wounds to his face and neck as a result of the shootout but has since been released from the hospital.

Look above to view the shootout.

Source: FOX 26

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