Video Shows Rival Gunmen Engage in Broad Daylight Shootout in New York

In what’s been described as “a chance meeting between gang rivals,” two men engaged in a wild shootout Tuesday in broad daylight.

The incident took place in Queens, New York, around 12:30 pm. Both men were walking down the street when they noticed one another near a sidewalk and drew their weapons before exchanging gunfire at close range. The action-packed occurrence saw each of the men jump behind cars in order to fire shots without getting hit. Immediately following the exchange, the first gunman sped off in a silver Honda Accord, while the second shooter got away in a black Acura sedan as the passenger.

So far, no arrests have been made and no injuries were reported. The entire ordeal only lasted for a brief moment but was caught on camera. Scroll up to watch footage of the shootout.

Source: NY Post

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