Video Shows Panhandler Throwing Brick at 63-Year-Old’s Head During Fight

A physical confrontation between a New York panhandler and a 63-year-old Pickle Guys employee could’ve ended with a serious injury after the panhandler decided to use a brick as a weapon.

Surveillance footage captured the fight between the two men, which reportedly began after the Pickle Guys employee asked the panhandler to move away from the store’s entrance. The panhandler was allegedly being aggressive while begging for money, causing the 63-year-old to intervene.

In the video, the panhandler is seen threatening to strike the worker with one of the restaurant’s chairs before setting it down and slapping the employee. A fight breaks out and seems to end after the elderly man is tossed to the ground.

However, the video cuts to another clip that seems to suggest the fight carried on outside of the establishment. In the second clip, the 63-year-old is waving a stick in an attempt to fend off the suspect. Later, the panhandler picks up a brick and throws it at the man’s head before walking away.

The 63-year-old was struck in the face but didn’t suffer serious injury. He was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for a cut on his nose and a bruised wrist.

The NYPD is still working on identifying and locating the suspect who threw the brick.

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