Video Shows LA Woman Attack Taco Vender, Dump Out Her Food & Spit in Her Containers

The city of Los Angeles is widely known throughout the culinary community for providing “foodies” with some of the best street vendors in the entire country. Unfortunately, the city has also garnered a lot of attention, as of late, for its growing number of brazen robberies in broad daylight. On the fourth of July weekend, a disgruntled would-be customer went ballistic on a street vendor at the “South Tacos Stand” after being told that she would have to wait to order some food until the workers finished setting up their display. This was followed by a robbery, physical assault, and a destructive act that left the vendor’s presentation in ruins.

Video footage depicts an unidentified would-be customer punching a worker named Bertha Zuniga in the face before unleashing a verbal assault complete with underlining bigotry. The attack didn’t stop there; shortly after the disgruntled customer was told that she would have to wait for her food, the assailant soon turned her attention to the taco stand itself, dumping out barrels full of juice and horchata onto the street. Just when the blatantly disrespectful outburst seemed like it was coming to an end, the attacker proceeded to make her way around the taco stand so that she could spit in each of the barrels and food containers. This shocking development occurred at the corner of Slauson Avenue and Normandie Avenue. While the attacker’s actions were shown on camera, she managed to walk away unimpeded because the cops didn’t respond to a call about the matter until an hour later.

Unfortunately, incidents like these have become more common among street vendors in Los Angeles, especially in the area where this attack occurred. Therefore without a strong presence of security on hand, this has resulted in a growing fear that retaliatory actions would follow if anyone dared to alert local authorities about the harassment and brazen robbery attempts that happen daily.

To watch the assault, scroll up and press play.

Source: MSN 

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