Video Shows Intense Shootout in NYC During Broad Daylight

The city of New York is in a race to stop a gun violence epidemic that appears to be running rampant all over the country. But nevertheless, as Major Eric Adams continues to pressure Congress into doing something to prevent shootings from being so prevalent, there remains a percentage of gun-toting New Yorkers who seem hell-bent on providing organizations like “Crime Stoppers” with new material practically every day.

Authorities in Queens borough recently released footage of a brazen shootout between two men that took place in broad daylight. According to reports, words were exchanged between a TNT gang member named Tenzin Norgyal (28) and an unidentified suspect, before they engaged in a spirited shootout on the corner of 65th Street and Broadway in Sunnyside Gardens. Norgyal was hit by a bullet in his right shoulder area and taken to Elmhurst Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition before being arrested for attempted murder. The other shooter involved, as depicted in the video, was wearing a red and white, striped shirt. He managed to escape the fray, with no reported injuries, in an Audi four-door sedan heading northbound on 64th Street and he is still at large.

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Source: NY POST

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