Video Shows Handcuffed Teen Fleeing Cop Car As Spring Break Crowd Cheers

A spring breaker in Clearwater, FL went viral after fleeing a cop cruiser while handcuffed.

Dominic Glass, 18, was handcuffed and placed in the back of a cop cruiser before getting some assistance from his fellow beachgoers to make his escape. As Glass made a run for it, scores of spring breakers chased after him cheering and recording the escape on their phones.

Cops managed to get Glass and this time made sure he couldn’t break free. He was later charged with escape, disorderly conduct, and resisting an officer without violence.

In a statement regarding the entire incident, Clearwater Police said:

“While patrolling the sand, Clearwater Police identified a large group of young adults and were addressing disorderly conduct issues and other ordinance violations. As additional officers arrived, a fight broke out at 6.53pm and was quickly addressed by the officers, but the non-compliant nature of the large crowd escalated the environment despite the efforts of the officers to de-escalate the situation. While trying to restore order and separate parties involved, one individual was placed in the back of a police vehicle handcuffed. During the short time the officer was walking around to the other side of the vehicle to get inside and drive the suspect off the beach, a person in the crowd opened the back door of the vehicle and the handcuffed suspect was able to run away. He was apprehended by officers after a very brief chase. Twenty-six officers responded and made four total arrests from the various incidents, including one suspect who battered a police officer. Police have identified the suspect who opened the door, allowing the escape, and his arrest is pending. The department’s Real Time Crime Center was able to assist officers on the beach by helping to identify and locate those who were involved.Clearly not amused by the ordeal, Chief Dan Slaughter said in a separate statement: “While many of the young adults in the video think this is funny, it has turned what would have been a very minor violation to one that will have severe consequences.”


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