Video Shows Florida Couple Narrowly Escaping as a Black Bear Chases Them

Jason Smith and his wife, Rachael, took their dog out for a routine potty break earlier this week and it nearly cost them their lives.

The couple decided to step out for an evening stroll around their neighborhood in Orlando when they noticed that an angry Black Bear was charging straight at them. Animal experts have suggested that people should never run in situations like this, but the Smiths threw caution to the wind and made the dash towards their home. They made it inside just as the bear was closing in behind them and the couple’s dog, Prince.

“I was panicking trying to get [the dog] back in the house. Luckily, he runs very fast and he was right behind me,” said Rachael Smith.

“It happened very very fast,” added Jason Smith. “We didn’t really have much time to really think about it until afterward and we’ve hardly been able to sleep since.”

Scroll up to watch the Smiths make their daring escape from a giant Black bear.

Source: YouTube

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