Video Shows Ex-NFL Player Zac Stacy Abusing Ex-GF in Front of Infant Son

Home surveillance captured former NFL running back Zac Stacy attacking the mother of his infant son. During the assault, Stacy is seen punching the woman in the head before tossing her into a television, which ended up falling on her.

The 30-year-old reportedly visited his ex’s Florida home on Saturday to see their son before an argument ensued. Stacy was angered during the discussion and became aggressive. After the television fell on top of the woman, she pleaded for Stacy to calm down but he continued his assault before storming off.

The victim contacted law enforcement immediately afterward but Stacy had already exited the premises. On Monday, the victim filed for a restraining order for her and her five-month-old son. In the application, she claimed she feared her life as well as her children’s.

“He punched me several times in the head! I begged him to stop because the baby was on the couch just a few feet from where he punched me,” the woman wrote in the restraining order application. “He then picked me up and threw me into my TV. The TV began to fall and he turned to make sure I wasn’t getting up. As I laid on the floor he began to yell at me, telling me I’m destructive. He then picked me up off the floor and off my feet and body slammed me into our son’s bouncy seat.”

Following the assault, Stacy’s ex-girlfriend visited a hospital where she was treated for a possible head wound, as well as bumps and bruises.

Zac Stacy was drafted out of Vanderbilt, in the fifth round, by the Rams in 2013. He later joined the New York Jets in 2015, which was his final season.

Source: TMZ

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