Video Shows Colombian Cartel Boss Escape Prison Using Guard’s Uniform

A Colombian drug lord by the name of Juan Castro orchestrated a dramatic prison break from the La Picota jail in Bogotá and is still on the run.

Castro aka “Matamba” disguised himself as a prison guard in full uniform and strolled out of the facility without being halted by any of the authorities on site. This occurrence came while his extradition to the United States hung in the balance. Astonishingly enough, Castro’s absence wasn’t even noticed until the following morning when the prisoner missed the daily roll-call.

Upon reviewing surveillance footage from the night of the incident, prison officials learned that Castro managed to walk through several prison doors and security gates en route to his grand exit, all while many of the security checkpoints were left unattended, which raised suspicion about foul play amongst their own staff members. Therefore, prison director Juan Gordillo and all 55 guards who were on shift at the time of Castro’s escape have been suspended. The prison guard suspected of giving Castro his uniform has been arrested.

Since Castro’s daring escape from prison, Colombian President Iván Duque enacted an all-out reform of the country’s prison system, stating, “[Columbia] cannot continue to have these behaviors without exemplary sanctions.”

Up until last Tuesday, Castro had attempted to escape from prison several times, resulting in his arrest on half a dozen different occasions. He is known nationwide as the puppetmaster behind 20 percent of Columbia’s cocaine shipments in the Northwest region.

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Source: NY Post

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