Video Shows Cleveland Woman Attack Store Owners over $11 Purchase

Store surveillance shows a woman attack store owners over an $11 purchase at Chic Beauty Supply in West Cleveland.

“All I am trying to do is get my items,” the woman said in the video to the store owners behind the counter. “She tried to pay for these products and the card was declined,” said David Jo whose parents own the beauty supply. “It was one of those pre-paid credit cards and she put the pin numbers in and was declined and she was not happy.”

The woman tried leaving the store but David Jo’s parents reiterated that her card was declined. “It’s not cleared. We cannot give you anything ‘cause it’s not cleared,” they told the customer. After continuing to argue, the woman attacks the elderly store owners and leaves them bruised and bloodied.

“I knew what I was watching but I couldn’t believe what I was watching,” Jo said. “My father was bloodied up pretty bad. When I saw my mom today, she was crying, she was upset, she had bruises all over her body.”

The woman is now wanted by Cleveland police for felonious assault and vandalism.


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