Video Shows Brooklyn Man Shooting Off His Gun in a Residential Area For No Reason

These days, visible shootings while the sun is out have become all the rage in New York City. An unidentified man in the Brooklyn borough recently upped the ante, when he casually stepped out onto the stoop of a residence located at 1607 Prospect Pl and opened fire at no one in particular, around 7 pm. Surveillance footage captured the shooter as he turned to his left and fire off multiple shots before turning to the right and doing the same. After the perpetrator discharged his weapon, he stepped off the stoop and made a run for it down the sidewalk. He is still at large, but local authorities are searching for tips in order to bring him to justice.

The bizarre display of marksmanship appears to have been random and completely unmotivated. No one was injured as a result of the gunfire. The occurrence comes on the heels of a massive effort by the governing officials of New York to implement legislation that provides mental health support for its citizens and restrictions on firearms.

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Source: NY Post

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