Video Shows Bodybuilder Getting Shot During Dispute over Parking Spot

Video coming out of Dallas, TX shows a parking lot dispute between two men escalate to the point that gunshots were fired.

Bodybuilder Shane Post was shot in the torso by his neighbor after an argument over a parking spot on last Tuesday. Post suffered damage to his kidney, colon, and liver as a result but is currently in stable condition.

The alleged shooter, Nikki Brown, was taken into custody without incident following the shooting. Brown was taken to Ellis County Jail where he was booked for assault with a deadly weapon. According to TMZ:

Shane’s wife, Irina Post, says the man became angry when Shane’s friend apparently pulled into his assigned parking spot while dropping off her husband.
Irina told the news outlet Mr. Brown — who she says they’ve had a couple previous encounters with the neighbor — came out in his robe with a loaded gun in his pocket.

Post is expected to remain in the hospital.


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