Video Shows Alleged Thieves Using Trap Door to Steal 1,000 Gallons of Fuel

According to reports, a family-owned gas station in Houston were the victims of an unusual heist that saw 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel stolen by way of a “trap door.”

Jerry Thayil, manager at the Houston-based Fuqua Express gas station, told USA Today that the first signs of the alleged theft were uncovered after he noticed a large discrepancy in the diesel fuel. The following day, the same fuel discrepancy was discovered in addition to surveillance footage showing a minivan  parked over the gas station’s tank inlets in a suspicious manner.

The alleged theft reportedly took place over the span of three days whereby the minivan used what Thayil is describing as a “trap door inside their vehicle.”

“The van drives on top of the fuel tank. That’s all you see,” he said. Thayil estimates the fuel theft amounted to about $5,000.

Source: YouTube

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