Officers from the Hobbs Police Department flooded the area with their presence until they finally located the car. During that time, Castillo dropped the 6-year-old girl off at the intersection of Apache Drive and Fowler street. She and her younger brother were eventually treated by the paramedics and reunited with their mother. The mother was slightly hurt from hanging on the hood of her car, while her kids suffered no injuries.

When the cops finally caught up with Castillo, she decided to ditch the car and make a run for it. The officers on site later apprehended her once they discovered that she had been hiding from them behind a pickup truck in a residential neighborhood. They then chased her down on foot and tackled her, bringing the incident to an end. It turns out that the suspect had multiple arrest warrants associated with her name on charges of shoplifting, concealing identity, and more. In the past, Castillo has been charged with crimes that include evading a police officer and battery against a household member. This time around, Castillo was charged with two counts of child abuse, unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, aggravated fleeing of a law enforcement officer, and resisting/evading or obstructing an officer. Immediately following her arrest, Castillo was taken to Hobbs City Jail.

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Source: Fox 7 Austin