Video of 17 yr old girl attacked over boy in fight posted on Snapchat (*Graphic*)

Two teen girls in Texas were arrested for allegedly ambushing a peer and filming it on Snapchat — and the young victim’s mom is now speaking out, saying her daughter is “very traumatized” over the attack.

Police in Clifton, Tx., charged Ahliah Vestal and Savannah Walker, both 17, for the alleged attack on Maya Tremillo, also 17. Both girls were charged as adults for aggravated assault in the fight that was apparently over a boy.

The victim was allegedly lured to a park on April 18 by Vestal, who claimed she needed to get back a borrowed pair of shoes, according to police and Tremillo’s mom, Julie Kross.

When Tremillo arrived, she was immediately attacked, her mom said.

Source: NYPost

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