Video: MD in Brazil Arrested For Putting His Penis in a Patient’s Mouth During Operation

An anesthetist named Giovanni Quintella Bezerra has landed himself and his employers at Hospital da Mulher (in So Joo de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) for allegedly putting his penis in the mouth of a female patient during work hours while she was fully sedated. According to reports, the 32-year-old doctor began to attract suspicion from his co-workers at the hospital when he started prescribing an alarming amount of drugs to his patients. This prompted medical workers at the facility to trick the doctor into working in an operating room, where they set up a hidden camera to monitor his activity during a C-Section. What they discovered next was a disturbing act that would turn their world upside down.

The video footage showed Dr. Bezerra casually slipping his private parts into his patient’s mouth while she was asleep on the hospital bed during the team’s medical procedure. The footage depcits the brazen act happening while his team members stood a few feet away from him. Dr. Brezzera was under the impression that his team didn’t notice what he was doing because the patient’s head was covered up along with his private parts.  This shocking act continued for about 10 minutes; to make matters worse, the patient was a pregnant woman. Moments later, Dr. Bezerra was promptly arrested by the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police for rape and taken into custody while wearing his hospital scrub. He is currently being housed in a private cell at the Pedrolino Werling de Oliveira Public Prison. If he is convicted, he faces 8-15 years behind bars. As of now, local authorities are trying to ascertain whether or not Dr. Bezerra similarly victimized five other women.

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Source: Fox 3 Now

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