Video: Florida Man Armed with a Machete & Gun Shoots His Victim in the Face

The Broward Sheriff’s Office recently released footage of an incident involving a gruesome shooting outside of a 7-Eleven convenience store on North Andrews Avenue and 38th Street in Oakland Park, Florida. The hair-raising video shows an unidentified man in a hoodie, holding a large machete as he slowly walks toward an individual on a bicycle. After a brief exchange of words, in which the machete-wielding man waved his weapon around and pointed it toward the other party, he eventually got into his car and drove off. However, he would soon return moments later after parking his vehicle in front of a diesel truck about 30 yards away.

When the hooded man re-emerged from his car, he no longer had the machete in his hand. This time around, he had a gun as he marched across the parking lot toward the man on the bicycle. Then, he shot his target right in the face, from up close, before walking away. The gunman is still at large, while the victim miraculously survived the horrific incident after being taken to the hospital.

Scroll up to watch, but be warned the video contains very graphic content.

Source: Basternae

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