A new video snippet from a police chase involving Chicago police officers recently surfaced on social media. The footage depicts two cops engaging with three people before a brief altercation near a vehicle ensues. After that, one of the people who the cops were talking to makes the dash across the street into what appears to be the front yard area of a local resident.

“We’re recording! We’re recording!” shouted a witness. “Y’all can’t chase him! Y’all can’t chase him!”

With the cops in hot pursuit, on foot, the female officer on hand trips and falls right in front of a few bystanders, who were quick to let her know about it.

“Oh sh*t!” Said the onlooker. “He wooded yo a*s! He wooded yo a*s! Stop chasing people!”

The video has since fueled debates between people who are siding with law enforcement in this instance and people who are defending the rights of the people who were being pursued. What seems to be somewhat unclear in the video are the intricacies of Chicago’s new foot pursuit law, which technically doesn’t go into effect until the end of this Summer.

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Source: Instagram