Video Captures Smash-and-Grab Gang Stealing $100K in Jewelry

Video footage that surfaced recently shows a California shopping center facing an attack from men who allegedly were able to snatch up $100,000 of jewelry in a smash-and-grab job.

The footage shows nine men storming a shopping center in San Jose, California, with hammers in their hands, with the men telling people in the store to “get on the ground.” The incident went down on January 3rd and lasted for 30 seconds before store workers picked up hammers dropped by the suspects and chased them out of the store.

Credit Jewelers owner Jesus Orozco spoke on the matter, saying, “we were expecting something to happen.” The owner estimated the incident cost the store up to $100,000. No arrests have been made in the incident. Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: NY Post

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