Video Captures Fatal Shooting of Chicago Couple Following Car Accident

A young couple was dragged from their car, beaten, and publicly executed following a minor car accident in Chicago.

On Saturday night, 25-year-old Yasmin Perez and 24-year-old Gyovanny Arzuga were murdered after celebrating the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Video footage captured the couple being dragged out of the car by a group of men and shot following a traffic collision.

“They are seen hitting and impeding the woman who is the driver of the vehicle and then eventually dragging her out,” said CPD Chief of Detectives, Brendan Deenihan. “What the video doesn’t show is there a shot discharged and that appears when the female gets struck. And then the male comes out and he’s almost on top of her and then you see that second suspect clearly holding a gun and shooting him in the head — almost execution-style.”

Most of the couple’s attackers fled after Perez was shot. However, one of the suspects stayed and fatally shot Arzuga before running away. During the incident, multiple people were seen filming the attack.

“It wasn’t just one person, there were others standing by who dragged that poor woman out of a car,” said Mayor Lori Lightfoot. “The man who was killed literally used his body as a shield and he paid for that with his life.”

Arzuga and Perez were parents to two young children. No suspects have been arrested at this time.

Source: CBS Chicago

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