Nearby residents called the local authorities after they overheard Lee’s screams. When the police arrived at the scene, Ahmad Nash tried to fool them by imitating a woman’s voice behind the closed door of Lee’s apartment, encouraging them to leave.

“We don’t need the police here,” Nash said. “Go away.”

But NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit would not be deceived. When they finally gained entry into the apartment, after about an hour and a half of resistance from Nash, they found Lee’s dead body on the bathroom floor. She was half-naked which is why prosecutors also charged Nash with sexually motivated burglary upon his capture.

After the police busted down Lee’s apartment door, they found Nash hiding under her bed. He himself had a stab wound to the belly and multiple cuts, which indicates that there had been a struggle before the murder took place. The murder weapon, a yellow handled knife was found behind Lee’s dresser.

In wake of Christina Yuna Lee’s murder, several of the neighboring Asian Americans have rallied together in an attempt to encourage prosecutors to label this murder a hate crime. There is still no word as to whether or not that will happen. Ahmad Nash is due back in court this Thursday.

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Source: NY Post