Vegas News Anchor Apologizes for Arrest, Found Naked in Her Vehicle

Feven Kifle Giorgis, a Fox 5 news anchor who goes by Feven Kay, was arrested on March 20 after police found her naked and asleep inside of her Audi. The news of her arrest recently made headlines after Giorgis apologized to viewers over her arrest this week.

The arrest report for Giorgis shows that when police asked her to get out of her vehicle, she reeked of alcohol. She told officers that she didn’t remember getting into her car, and she refused a blood alcohol test. Giorgis was later charged with reckless driving with a disregard for the safety of a person or property. She was sentenced to a $1,000 fine and an order to complete driving school.

On Monday (April 26), Giorgis issued an on-air apology, where she told viewers, “Many of you have noticed I’ve been off-air for a few weeks.” After addressing her arrest, Giorgis stated, “As I move forward, I want you to know I have learned from this and I will continue learning.”

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