VA Parents Arrested After Police Found Parts of Their Son’s Body in Freezer

According to reports, two parents in Virginia were arrested after police found the remains of their son in a freezer located in their garage.

Police investigators reportedly received a tip to take a look at the couple’s place around May 4, and they found the young boy’s body in the freezer in the garage. It was noted that authorities aren’t sure what caused the boy’s death but believe he died between two and five years ago.

Chesterfield Police Major Mike Louth spoke on the matter, noting the state medical examiner’s office “had to bring in some specialists — forensic anthropologists — to determine a way to ‘thaw’ those remains out, so we didn’t lose anything, or do any damage to the remains, so we’d still be able to determine whether there was anything of evidentiary value.”

Both of the parents of Eliel Adon Weaver were charged with failing to render aid to a child and conspiracy to conceal the body of their son. Both parents were released on bond and will be appearing in court on August 5, 2021.

source: NY Post

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