United Airlines Flight Left Debris in Broomfield, Colorado

Debris from a Boeing airplane was seen scattered in the city of Broomfield, Colorado on Saturday afternoon including what appeared to be an engine cowling outside of a home. That’s after a United Airlines flight bound for Honolulu suffered a right engine failure, shortly after departing Denver International Airport, according to the FAA.

[PLANE FLYING IN SKY AS CHILD SCREAMS] ‘Mommy!’ [WOMAN RESPONDS] ‘It’s just a plane. It’s just a plane.’

A video on social media showed a cloud of black smoke being left by the aircraft.

[PLANE IN SKY AS MAN SAYS] ‘Something blew up.’The plane returned safely to the airport without any reported injuries, United said. There were 231 passengers and 10 crew on board.

There were also no immediate reports of any injuries on the ground; a fact that Police spokeswoman Rachel Welte said was incredible.

Source: yahoo.com

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