Ukrainian Rapper Chopped Up & Fed To Rats By Wife After Affair with a Fan

Alexander Yusko thought he was living the good life with his wife, Marina Kohkal, and their infant son. He gained moderate success in Ukraine as a rapper under the stage name “Andy Cartwright.” But when his wife caught him cheating on her with a fan, she allegedly turned his dream life turned into a murderous nightmare that ended with a death so mysterious that the Russian media nicknamed it the “Perfect Murder.”

No blood was ever found at the crime scene where the 37-year-old dismembered her husband by chopping his body up with a hacksaw and feeding his remains to rats–all while he was still alive.

Marina Kohkal openly admitted to carrying out those terrifying acts, while the couple was living together in their St. Petersburg home but she’s disputing the murder charge. She claims that the 30-year-old actually died from a drug overdose and she did not want his fans to know he passed away in such a fashion. Nevertheless, the accused is also rumored to have had sex with Alexander Yusko’s dead corpse, upon his passing.

Despite forensic reports, a thorough probe by the local police, and an admission from Marina Kohkal that she indeed mutilated her late husband, there is still no evidence that she actually killed him. The investigation remains ongoing and a new court case has been scheduled for later this month.

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Source: The Sun

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