U.S. Navy Sailor Guns Down Wife’s Lover After Catching Them in His Home

A Navy sailor by the name of Tyler Lamar Jenkins has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly shooting his wife’s lover after walking in on the pair during an act of infidelity in the married couple’s Virginia home on Friday night.

According to reports, after the 26-year-old Jenkins fatally shot Timothy Paul Talley III multiple times, he willingly surrendered himself to the police once they arrived on the scene. Jenkins asked the arriving officers, “What am I doing wrong?” after informing the authorities that he caught Talley III having sex with his wife.

Jenkins admitted to shooting Talley III three times and the gun that was used was recovered at the scene of the crime. As of now, investigators have not disclosed what the relationship was between Jenkins and Talley III.

Because of his income, Jenkins — who has been employed by the U.S. Navy since 2014 — was denied a public defender. Jenkins will remain in police custody without bail until he appears in court on May 12th. For more on this story, keep it locked.

Source: NY Post

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