Tyler Perry Takes a Lie Detector Test & Admits to Using His Madea Voice During Sex

The multi-talented Tyler Perry is often lauded for his skills as a television producer, screenwriter, director, and actor. But despite all of his accomplishments, he is most known for the portrayal of a cross-dressing character that he created named Madea. The 52-year-old first introduced the character to the big screen with a comedy called Diary of a Mad Black Womanback in 2005. Since then, the iconic role has re-appeared in 19 of Tyler Perry’s films. Over the years, Tyler Perry’s willingness to dawn a dress and makeup so often have contributed to speculation surrounding his sexual preferences.

In a guest appearance on Vanity Fair’s lie detector test segment, Perry was asked a few preliminary questions about his biggest inspirations before the discussion slowly segued into a talk about his iconic role as Madea. When the New Orleans native was asked by the interviewer if he ever used his ‘Madea voice’ by accident, Perry responded in a manner that made it hard to determine whether or not he was being serious or joking.

“Never,” said Perry as he cleared his throat and glanced over at the polygraph examiner. “Sometimes…once…on occasions…okay during sex.”

He then did a quick impression of his Madea, indicating how the character would say “Hellur” while having sex. The video clip has recently gone viral.

Scroll up and skip to the 4:30 mark to hear Tyler Perry’s confession.

Source: The Jasmine Brand

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