Two Rappers Jailed for Kidnapping Rival Artist in 27-Person Crime Network Bust

Two Swedish rappers have been convicted of kidnapping a rival artist in a trial targeting nearly 30 suspects accused of being involved in a criminal network.

Rap artists Yasin and Haval received separate sentences for their involvement in a plot to kidnap a rival musician. Yasin (real name Yasin Mahamoud) was accused of planning the kidnapping in March 2020, which would involve luring the victim into a car to “harm his life or health” and blackmail him. In relation to the kidnapping, prosecutors claimed Yasin had “received and passed on information and gave orders and instructions.”

Prosecutors added that the plot was already in the advanced stages when Yasin was included in the plan. Yasin abandoned the kidnapping plot, but the abduction was still carried out weeks later without the 23-year-old. Discussions on the encrypted communication network EncroChat was the primary evidence used during the case.

Haval (real name Haval Khalil) reportedly lured the victim to an apartment where he was tied up, beaten, robbed, and photographed in humiliating circumstances. The photos appeared on social media weeks later after the victim refused to pay the blackmail fee.

Yasin was sentenced to 10 months in prison on Wednesday, while Haval received two and a half years for his involvement in the kidnapping and robbery. Yasin has denied the charges will appeal the conviction.

The rappers’ trial is a part of a larger case into the Varbyn criminal network involving attempted murder, robbery, and extortion. The network takedown has resulted in the imprisonment of nearly 30 suspects, who received a combined 147 years. The leader of the ring, 33-year-old Chihab Lamouri, received the longest sentence of 17 years and 10 months in jail.

Yasin has over 200,000 Instagram followers and was named Artist of the Year and Hip-Hop/R&B Artist of the Year at Sweden’s P3 Gold Awards in March. Haval also has over 80,000 Instagram followers and has gained millions of streams on Spotify.

Source: BBC

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